Dentist Colorado Springs – Caring for Your Teeth

What Are You Looking for in a Local Dentist?

Significant advances during the past two decades assure that you can find a Colorado Springs dentist that will provide exceptional care for your teeth and gums.  We realize you may have stress about visiting a new office and we strive to relieve all of your concerns.  We want you to find a dentist Colorado Springs residents have trusted for years and one that will build a long term relationship with you as well.

Many new patients experience hesitation about the time a visit may take and how it may disrupt their schedules.  You may even wonder if you will be treated with genuine concern and respect.  With our dental offices in Colorado Springs, you can be certain that you will.

From the moment you walk into our office you will feel at home.  We view the privilege to serve you as a relationship.  We want to get to know you, your concerns, your family and maybe even learn a little bit about your dog.  When we come across you around town, we want to see you happy about not only your teeth and smile, but happy to see us as well.


Will You be able to Schedule an Appointment?

Colorado Springs dentists are always open for additional patients due to the transient nature of our city.  The local military bases and transient nature of the city result in a higher patient turnover than most locales experience.

You may have moved here recently, returned from overseas or you simply are looking for a change.  We know you want the best dentist in Colorado Springs you can find for you and your family.  No worries. We have you covered.


Do You Have Fear About Visiting a New Dental Office?

If so, you are not alone.  Our Dental offices provide a welcome and calming environment.  In addition, to help calm any anxiety you may feel, modern dentistry in Colorado Springs has progressed significantly and incorporates all recent advances including the option of Sedation.  You do not need to put off a needed visit or exam due to fear or concerns.  Anxiety should not stand in between you and proper health and oral health.  Talk with us about our sedation options.  We can work with you to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

If you need a specialist for your children, you can take great comfort in knowing that our pediatric dentistry trained specialists will prepare them for a lifetime of dental health.

Whether for a child or adolescent or adult, we also have Orthodontists who can determine if there is a need for Braces or other solutions for teeth that are not growing properly.  Invisalign options are also available.


Don’t have a Lot of Time?

We get that.  Many of our procedures have advanced much in recent years.  And gone are the days of multiple stage crown procedure that spread over a week or more.  Today we can offer same day crowns.  In just one appointment one of our cosmetic dentists in Colorado Springs can restore broken teeth.  A full restoration of your teeth and smile can be designed and milled and placed in your mouth during one appointment.


Have questions?

Our Colorado Springs dentist offices provide the highest degree of complete oral care and go beyond this  by providing education for each individual.  This provides you with a true sense of being in control of your health decisions. We strive to approach the experience with understanding, compassion and respect for you, the patient.  We consider it a privilege to help you and service you with the latest state of the art technology and  excellence in skill and treatments.

Your oral health affects the health of your overall body and has direct connection to heart health.  In Colorado Springs we also provide Holistic and Mercury Free Dental Care as well as Emergency Dental Care.


The Springs is a Beautiful City

Colorado springs is a beautiful city with panoramic views from anywhere and a skyline that is distinctive without blocking the views.  Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and Cheyenne Mountain are just a few of the sights to experience.  The US Air Force Academy and US Olympic Training Center also call the city home.  We boast a feel of ultra modern facilities and downtown, smaller town service.

The Dentists in Colorado Springs are no different.  We offer you advanced and cutting edge services with a welcoming feel and experience.

Our city is home to the Colorado Springs Dental Society which was founded in 1902 as a non-profit organization registered with the state as a companion to the National Association ADA.  The society encourages it members to become involved in the community and many of its members offer free oral care to those in need and other volunteer activities at times throughout the year.

The Colorado Dental Association (CDA) is very active and has annual conventions during January providing its members with CE education, information on the latest industry developments and a community for its members.

Welcome to our city and our offices.  We look forward to meeting you and serving you.


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