Cosmetic Dentist in Colorado Springs – Your Smile Makeover

Do You Need Cosmetic Services for Your Teeth?

When you choose to visit a trained cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, you are making an important decision that will have a dramatic impact on your appearance and health.  From the moment you walk in the door, you will be meeting people dedicated to providing you with the dramatic improvement in your smile and health of your teeth that you are looking and hoping for.

Cosmetic Dentistry uses procedures that go beyond general dentistry and which are designed to improve and enhance your smile, teeth and gums.  In the past Cosmetic procedures were mostly limited to those in Hollywood or television personalities.  This has now changed greatly.  Today, many patients are searching to improve the appearance of their teeth and achieve their own attractive smile.


Are you Looking to Improve the Confidence of Your Smile?

We get it.  Many patients feel much more confident in all social situations when they have confidence in their smile.  Those professionals in sales often feel it is critical to their job and success to have attractive teeth.  Others simply want to feel better about their smile for themselves or when in a social gatherings.

Our dedicated Colorado Springs cosmetic dentists understand your hope of a better smile and are dedicated to helping you achieve this.  The results you will experience can be remarkably rewarding. There is a special type of confidence you will feel when your smile looks great.


What is involved in this transformation of your teeth?

Utilizing the latest in technology and procedures, many offices will use a dental intraoral camera which will help the dentist reach a better diagnosis and provides exceptional images for him.  The entire mouth can be viewed on a monitor providing closer look at potential problem areas.  The patient as well has the ability to view these images first hand for themselves to better understand what is needed for them to achieve the results they are looking for.

In addition, these images can be used to receive approval for the desired procedures from insurance companies.

With the advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry, it is now easier and more convenient than ever to have a beautiful healthy smile.  You can achieve a healthy restored gum line, enhanced smile and stronger teeth with less inconvenience than would have been experienced even ten years ago.  Many procedures can be completed in two or three visits.


What Options are Available to Achieve Your Smile Makeover?

A trained cosmetic dentist can straighten crooked teeth.  Often this is all that is needed to produce a dramatic change in oral health and perceived oral health.  Cavities and other issues can be fixed using cosmetic veneers along with inlays and outlays. This can add to a smaller tooth and fill gaps in between teeth.

What other reasons are there to visit a specialist in cosmetic dentistry?  It will also save you time and inconvenience.  Crowns used to be a multiple stage process and take up to a week and a half for the final crown to be fitted.  Today we can do same day crowns and reduce the week long process to mere hours. Gum Lifts and Gum re-contours can reduce excessive gum tissue or increase it when needed.  Dental implants and root canals can fix major tooth problems.

For stained or yellowed teeth, teeth whitening can be done in the office and at home using custom fitted trays to achieve a dramatic long lasting smile of pearly whites.  The result? You will smile longer and more often, resulting in what could be a longer life to due laughter and smiling.Studies often show adding years to a lifetime by simple laughter and smiling.

At our Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry offices, we want you to smile like never before.  You will be proud of your redesigned natural looking smile and more youthful appearance.  We want you to smile big and smile often.

Call your new Colorado Springs Dentist today.  We look forward to meeting you. Here’s to your happy teeth and happy smile.