Holistic Dentist in Colorado Springs is Mercury Free

What is Biological Dentistry?

When you are seeking a holistic dentist in Colorado Springs, it is important to understand what this term means for you. A holistic dentist, sometimes called a biological dentist, is very concerned about the toxicity or other properties of the materials used in your dental work. He understands that your overall body health is often greatly determined by your dental health.

Many people say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Likewise, the mouth is the window into the rest of the body’s health. Changes made to your teeth and mouth reflect subsequent changes in the rest of your body’s health systems. There is an entire mouth body health connection and a biological dentist understands this



Holistic Dentistry is Mercury Free and Mercury Safe

Patients that first consider a visit to our holistic dentists in Colorado Springs usually tell us their primary reason to visit is the concern regarding Amalgam fillings. Often they have several

Amalgam fillings and want to have them removed in a manner that is considered mercy safe. This means protected from the gases and pieces of mercury amalgam during the removal process.

There are many safeguards for the patient during the removal of amalgam fillings. These include have a rubber dam placed all around the tooth, an air suction tube inserted into the mouth for fast removal of vapors and even intravenous Vitamin C. An office can even have a main central air removal system that is constantly cleaning and venting the office air out of the top of the building, preventing mercury vapor build up. This can protect both patients and office staff.

While safe mercury removal is very important for the patient, there are many additional reasons to visit one of our Colorado Springs holistic dentists.


Biologically Safe Composites and Sealants

Holistic dentistry focuses on improving the safety, healing and prevention in regards to all facets of general dentistry. This includes the types of composites and sealants that are used. Blood tests can and usually are done to determine composite compatibility with the patient and ensure there will be no allergic reaction.

This is determined using cutting edge, latest technology biomimetic dentistry. Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing is performed to determine compatible composites and materials.

We have concerns about some of the materials used and it is an area that is often very controversial. Traditional general dentistry does not check on this, resulting in some patients have a low grade constant allergic reaction which can in turn result in lowered overall health.

Prevention and Healing Instead of Invasive Repair

A qualified holistic dentist in Colorado Springs is more concerned about teaching proper prevention and healing instead of invasive and disruptive repair work. He will seek to preserve the integrity of existing teeth, removing much less of the tooth in repairing than a traditional dentist. Rather than removing most of the tooth for a conventional crown, the tooth can often be preserved and a much smaller repair made.

Always prevent and heal rather than repair, fix or treat is the motto of a holistic dentist.

When facing a possibly of a root canal, a biological dentist will first consider alternatives such as a biomimetic restoration, which preserves as much of the original tooth as possible. This will significantly reduce the need for a root canal. The materials used in this technique of biomimetic restoration closely mimic the natural tooth in form and function.

A crown is rigid and inflexible whereas a tooth is itself somewhat flexible. When crowns are used, this introduces a rigid surface which causes unnatural flexing of the other teeth putting additional pressure on good teeth.

As you can see, holistic dentistry extends far beyond that of its conventional counterpart in ways beyond avoiding amalgam fillings. It is an approach looking at the total body and the affects of all aspects of dental work.


Our patients often say that they have received the best dental care and had the best dental experience of their lives. We want that same experience for you and look forward to meeting you. Welcome.