Colorado Springs Pediatric Dentistry – Caring for Your Child

Does Your Child Need Specialized Dental Care?

Throughout the state of Colorado, Colorado Springs pediatric dentistry has become known for its exceptional care for the area’s children.  While some refer to themselves as family dentists, most board certified pediatric dentists in Colorado Springs focus exclusively on children from infancy to adolescents. Many of us grew up visiting only a general family practitioner so why is a specialist needed?

Pediatric dentistry, formerly known as pedodontics, is one of nine recognized dental specialties in which a DDS practitioner can specialize.  This can be in addition to a general practice or a complete focus of the office.  After completing the required regular school, the doctor must undergo advanced field training or a residency to become a specialist.  Not every general practitioner is fully capable of caring for your child’s teeth.

A person educated specifically as a pediatric dentist has specialized training to care for the unique needs of early baby teeth and a growing child.  They help the child develop a healthy smile and teeth that will last a lifetime.  Many will also have been trained to care for children with special needs.

Our pediatric dentists provide not only specialized care, but provide the care in a safe child-friendly environment.  have you ever experienced your child asking you if you could stay longer at the dentist office?  Probably not.  But in an office designed to cater to children, they can often see the visits as fun and a place to learn to care for their own teeth.  Like their favorite class at school.


When to Schedule Your Child’s First Pediatric Dental visit?

Our Colorado Springs pediatric dentistry specialists all recommend a first visit by the child’s first birthday.  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) encourages the first visit within 6 months after the emergence of the first tooth.  The Academy also recommends establishing a permanent relationship with one office as soon as possible, referring to this as the child’s “dental home.”  This often results in superior care, providing better preventative care and a better routine of appointments.

The appointment will entail cleaning the baby teeth and an x-ray to view the developing permanent teeth and prevent any developing decay.  Topical fluoride may be applied.  Most importantly, a good office will teach you how to provide dental care for your child.


When Will My Baby Gets its First Tooth?

The process of the baby teeth emerging through the gums into his mouth is called Teething.  When this happens varies among babies.  For  some babies this will occur at the normal time while others will have this experience much sooner.  This emergence, when the first teeth begin erupting, will generally happen between 6 and 8 months of age.  The first to appear are usually the lower front (anterior).  You can find some useful tips on Teething here.

Your Child’s tooth eruption is discussed in more detail.


What can you expect at your first Visit?

Recommendations regarding diet and dietary sugars is usually provided which will help prevent caries, or decay caused by excessive bacterial breakdown of the tooth.  Of course our dentist will teach your and your child how to brush the baby and permanent teeth as well as flossing.

Most recommended not making a large fuss about the appointment.  But also it is good to briefly discuss the appointment ahead of time choosing happy words to tell your child that the appointment will help.  Try to avoid using words such as pain, drill or hurt but rather how you are so glad your child’s oral health  is mouth growing so well and wanting to have them checked to make sure they are as healthy as possible.  Many adults that are fearful of making their own appointments are a result of being afraid as a child.

Our qualified Colorado Springs Pediatric Dentists will take excellent care of your child’s teeth in a fun and caring environment providing you with peace of mind.

Call Colorado Springs Front Range Dental Care today.  We look forward to meeting you and providing your child with a safe and fun dental experience.